I have known Christina for nearly thirty years now, and during that time I have watched her transformation from a fledgling student to a Master Healer.  While I have heard of her talents from others, my personal interaction with Christina's abilities are profound.  I suffer from clinical migraines -- not the troublesome headaches that plague many of us from time to time, but the debilitating, excruciating type that can send me to the emergency room.  Usually I can ward them off with Fiorinal; however, some years back I began the symptoms of one and did not have my medication.  Luckily, I was at Christina's.  She worked on me for approximately a half an hour, helping to ward off panic as much as the migraine itself.  And ward it off she did -- within an hour I was fully asleep, with very little pain.  I awoke rested, refreshed, and completely painless.  It was an experience I will never forget, as it truly was a miracle in my life.  Darby Winterhalter
I cannot think of another wedding celebrant more sensitive, respectful, and creative than Christina, and I would recommend her to any couple looking for a personal ceremony.  In the summer of 2000 I met my husband-to-be in Ireland.  He was Swedish, traveling "on holiday," and I was there doing research.  Within six months he had moved to the United States and we decided to get married.  Since we had INS to deal with (a nightmare, even before 911), we decided to hold a small, private ceremony in the home of my parents, and have a large, second wedding after the legalities had been resolved.  I called upon Christina to do both weddings, knowing she would understand the difference between them, could create two beautiful, loving, and highly personal ceremonies, and deliver them with the utmost sensitivity to the extreme mixture of our guest list.  Both weddings were a highlight in our lives, and are remembered by all with joy and delight.  We still get comments from friends and family about our "lovely weddings," and we've been married for eight years now.  When we get to the twenty-five year anniversary, I know I'll be calling upon Christina again to renew our vows.  There's no one else I would entrust with this sacred part of our lives. D. Løfstrand