What is “Laying on of Hands”,
or Energy Medicine Healing?

Have you heard the phrase, “Energy is all there is.”? More than a scientific equation or a collection of parts comprised of tissues, your wonderful body is an expression of energy. Each system, each thought, each experience is a unique expression of energy that comprises you. Within that energetic system are your physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual self. When something is out of balance anywhere in your energetic bodies, it affects the whole of you. This energy is often referred to as Qi, Chi, Prana, Life force- well, there is a long list of names for it all over the world. Making an energetic correction is often a very effective way of helping the body to reach balance (health) again. Adding energetic support is a completely non-toxic and non-invasive way of supporting all kinds of medical treatments as well as reducing their side effects. It is proven in studies conducted in hospitals to reduce a patient’s perception of pain 50% or more. It has also been proven to speed healing dramatically. Laying on of hands healing can be traced into eras BCE and the form I practice is rooted in Native American healing practices. It shares similarities with acupuncture (no needles) and acupressure (which I sometimes employ) and Reiki, which is a form of energetic healing that comes from Japan. If necessary or requested I will include ceremonial and/or shamanic techniques.