I have known and worked with Christina for 11+ years now. I have seen her grow and mature in her spiritual work and process throughout this time.
Christina has functioned as a counselor and diviner with the Tarot for most of time that I have known her. Her readings are clear, intuitive and very insightful. Over time I have developed a deep appreciation for the honesty and candor that she displays while reading Tarot, as well as a deep trust in that honesty. I also think that it is important to mention that I feel safe having Christina read for me. I know that I can trust her to offer her insights without judgment or undue opinion. I am truly grateful for the times that she has shared her wisdoms with me.
I would also really like to mention Christina’s healing work. She has done lying on of hands work on me dozens of times. Every time I have felt better, every time I have felt an improved condition afterwards. From energy work on sour achy joints, to healing massage after sundance and hard work days. I cannot say enough about her gentle healing touch.
I am honored and grateful to have known her and to have been blessed by the work that she does.
Sincerely, Simon Fourstar.

While doing a laying on of hands healing session with Christina, she tapped into some amazing spirit guidance for me. I had a cousin who had just past away. Christina was able to tell me his name, with no clues from me, and how he was feeling and the message he wanted to deliver. I felt this strong tingling sensation throughout my body, a vibration so strong it felt as though I was about to be raised from the table. It was a peaceful and very confirming connection. (I even saw chills on Christina's arms.) When I asked about my grandmother who had also past the previous year, she communicated to Christina that I had something of hers. Christina said she saw my grandmother hold up her hand showing her ring finger, implying I had her ring (I do, it was something I took after going through her jewelry box after she passed). She said there was something else I had, that's special. I have a St Christopher charm that was her sister's. She gave Christina the letters E L - Elaine, is her sis, who had also passed, it was actually her charm. I could feel my grandma's sweet energy and it was a nice experience.
Chris W.
I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1993. Doctors tried many different
treatments from injections to pills. Nothing was working, and I had all but
given up hope. Christina worked with me for fibromyalgia in 2001. During the
year that I saw her consistently, I had no symptoms of the disorder. Now, (many
years later) I rarely have a flare-up of pain, and Christina can always get it
under control again. Thanks to the energy and healing work that Christina does,
I have my life back!
Christina has also done energy work on my six-year-old son, who complained of
chronic pain in his stomach whenever he ate. Three simple sessions with
Christina, and my son no longer complains of stomach pains. He insists that
Christina is better than the doctor because, “She doesn’t hurt, just her
hands get really warm!” I recommend Christina’s gentle, warm, and loving
approach to everyone I know in need!
~Jennie Magon