After suffering from a persistent cough which was well into it's 6th month in my body - I gave up on the doctors, tests and chemical medicines which they had prescribed to cure my ailment -nothing was working - I had seen lung specialists, allergy doctors and everything in-between - Finally I turned to Christina who began a series of approximately 10 hands on healing sessions and recommended a regime of homeopathic remedies. I quit the cough medicines, sinus drops and harsh steroids which I had been told I would need to be on indefinitely to control this incurable chest infection - After her treatments began I began to feel better almost immediately and 8 weeks later the healing was complete - It's been months now since I've coughed and my mystery illness the 'doctors' couldn't diagnose has been healed - Thank you Christina - your care, and skill as a true 'healer' is exceptional. James B
I started seeing Christina as a healer over 7 years ago. Through her energy
work she helped me tremendously. She has done wonderous things for my health
as well as my emotional, spiritual, and mental well being. I suffered from
joint pain, chronic indigestion, panic attacks, insecurities and I had lost
my way spiritually. She helped me to meditate and opened my eyes to a
wonderful new way of looking at the world, and brought joy and gratitude
back into my life. I consider her my healer, by confidante, my counselor,
and my friend. I highly recommend her to all who are seeking guidance, heath
and healing of all kinds. Sincerely, Helen Diehl
When my husband and I married in 2001, we were looking to have a service that
was personal, meaningful, and respectful to the beliefs of our joint families. Christina was perfect for the job! Through meaningful discussions, she tailored a wedding ceremony that summed us up as a couple. Her attention to the details of our lives gave the ceremony that extra “something” that seems to be lacking in other weddings we’ve witnessed. Many of our wedding guests went on to use Christina for their own ceremonial needs.
~Jennie & Jymn Magon