Philosophy of payment:

I do not know your financial means. I do know that economic times ebb and flow at different times for different people. I simply ask that you offer me what you feel is fair and honorable for the service-
and what you can afford. I am very serious about the “ what you can afford” part - My desire is to be of service to you and to increase the quality of your well- being. As most of my clients press me to narrow the field of cost, here is some further information for you.

In terms of Healing sessions, I would rather treat you ten times for twenty dollars than twice for a hundred. The average payment I am offered is forty to fifty dollars per session. That said- I love my work and would rather be practicing my craft than answering phones in an office (for which I would likely be paid ten to fifteen dollars an hour).

Although it depends on the complexity of the ceremony, I usually work in and on each ceremony a minimum of 4 hours and most often longer. Most of my clients offer me between $250 and $500.

Tarot readings and other spiritual advisement sessions- Individual readings last between ½ hour to an hour. Parties, etc… can be booked according to your needs.