Herbal Healer’s Academy- Dr. McCain is a woman of great passion, conviction and experience. Her Herbal Healer’s Academy is the best place I have found for the highest quality and most reasonable prices for all kinds of herbs, minerals, homeopathic remedies, etc. I highly recommend her site and her work.
I encourage everyone to make sure they have the nutritional components their bodies need for health and healing. The finest vitamins, at the most reasonable prices, I have found are made by Nutrilite. You can also take a free comprehensive life style and medical questionier through this site that will help rank your recommended supplements (according to your health priorities) and screen for any possible drug interactions. As you can only order them online through a distributor, I offer you the link to my site:

Information on Rosalyn L. Bruyére and the Healing Light Center Church can be found at I encourage you to purchase her book “Wheels of Light” through her site if you are interested in a greater scientific and spiritual understanding of energy medicine.
I have developed a television series based around an energy medicine healer. The focus of the show is not only physical healing, but mental, emotional and spiritual as well. It is designed to explore integrative medicine and many modalities of healing within the halls of a modern hospital. It further explores spiritual guidance, past lives and other esoteric and metaphysical teachings.
Bill Harris and his Holosync technologies from Centerpointe are the meditation program that I recommend. His CDs put you into a deep Theta state that very few of us can reach easily and/or maintain for any length of time. They are also a wonderful natural sleep aid and pain reliever. Don’t listen to them all night, though, you’ll overload- just listen to the Dive to help you get to sleep. He also offers a free intro. CD and specific reprogramming CDs for challenges like weight loss.

I belong to a wonderful group of professional, savvy and talented women in the Santa Clarita valley. If you are looking for a referral for financial help, fung-shui, photography or wedding flowers (just to name a few) I highly recommend that you check out these ladies.  You can find them here: