Some years ago, I slipped on a wooden staircase at the top and fall all the way down to the bottom! I had substantial damage to my left ankle as a result. Christina ran energy on my ankle for about 15 minutes. The swelling, the bruising and the pain disappeared. She is a miracle!
Lisa Canzonier

"Christina is a quiet, patient, warm (in both senses) energy healer.  She is adaptable to working with people of diverse religious backgrounds, even reminding me - when I forget - to say the prayer I like to say from my own religion before beginning her work on me......  She also performed a wedding for some good friends of mine; then they called her for their daughter's quinceniera.  Both ceremonies turned out beautifully."      Garry Corman
July 5 2007 I was diagnosed with a failed mitral valve. I was rushed into an open heart surgery at UCLA’s medical center. Christina immediately came to my aid. Other than my wife, she was the only one I allowed to come to the hospital during my recovery. Without a doubt, the “energy work” she did made a significant difference in not only my speedy recovery but my over all spirit and attitude. One thing I thought was very interesting was how receptive the nursing staff was to Christina’s work. I remember looking at a nurse watching Christina work on me and she was fascinated. I thought; “Wow, maybe the medical community isn’t as close minded to this as I thought”. It was very encouraging. Long story short, I’m indebted to Christina for all her hard work and dedication and I highly recommend her as an alternative to conventional medicine.
Ted Prior
January 15 2009
In this day and age one too often hears the phrase "miracle worker" applied about someone who gets things done.  That said, the term truly does apply to Christina's work.  During my immediate recovery from some very painful nasal surgery, Christina came along to apply some "hands on" healing.  The results were immediate, dramatic and blissful.  There is no question in my mind that the energy that Christina sent through and around me greatly sped up my recovery time and instantly gave soothing relief from severe pain.  I highly recommend putting your healing in Christina's able hands.
Daniel Lench