Laying on of Hands Healing sessions- the first session usually runs about 2 hrs. and following sessions 45 min.s-1 hour (depending). I generally won’t end a session because of a clock. I treat people in my home or theirs and will make hospital visits.

Birthing coach - I’ve assisted laboring mothers (and fathers ;) on several occasions. It is a service I deeply enjoy. I have assisted in Birth Center and Hospital births.

Weddings and Family Blending Ceremonies
Christening or Naming Ceremonies
Memorial Services
Young Woman’s coming of age ceremonies
Cutting of Ties (divorce, other relationships)
House Clearing/Blessings

I personalize and tailor every ceremony. I want the ceremonies to reflect your beliefs. I want you to be comfortable and feel empowered and cherished during your ceremonies. I happily dress to reflect your ceremonial tastes or themes – medieval to modern and most everything in between.

Tarot Card Readings- individual or group events
Shamanic Journey work
Mediumship/Spiritual advisement